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I am an international lecturer and speaker. I am an active member of the most important speakers association the United States, the National Speakers Association NSA, with a wide experience at a global level. I am a communications expert and journalist with over 25 years of experience. Among the clients I have worked with are Johnson & Johnson, Schneider Electric, Nielsen, Freedom Health, McDonald's, Optimum Health, Global Diversity Council, UPS, HBA, Buccaneers, Straz Convention Center, among others.

In 1998 I pioneered Spanish-speaking television in Tampa as news anchor and news director. I came to the United States as a Colombian immigrant. Not knowing much English and not knowing anyone, I said YES to founding the first Spanish-speaking newscast and promised myself that uncertainty would not stop me. I was 30 years old; achieving this meant a lot of effort and it was all worth it.

En 1998 fui pionera de la televisión en español en Tampa como presentadora y directora de noticias. Llegué como inmigrante colombiana a los Estados Unidos sin saber mucho inglés y sin conocer a nadie, dije sí a fundar el primer noticiero de habla hispana y me prometí que la incertidumbre no me detendría. Tenía 30 años; lograrlo significó mucho esfuerzo y valió toda la pena.

Once I left the news I founded my own company (in 2010) and discovered other hidden talents. I decided to dedicate my time, my experience and my desire to serve others, advising companies, training dozens of teams and doing high level coaching. Online courses and virtual Masterminds in both English and Spanish have meant expansion and outreach to clients and students in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Australia, Qatar, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.


In 2014 I was chosen as the Hispanic Woman of the Year, the highest recognition from Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc., given only to two immigrants each year. My speech Bridging the Gap: connecting with Hispanics - in front of 450 people - catapulted my career as a bilingual speaker on issues of diversity, cultural differences and specific strategies to conquer the Hispanic market beyond simple translation. 

“I am a proud Colombian by birth, a proud Hispanic by Heritage 
and a proud American by choice.”
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Carolina González

Corporate Affairs. Strategic Communications. Corporate Social Responsibility. Health, Food & Beverages, Services. LATAM.

"For the last 10 years I've had the opportunity to connect Pilar Ortiz with top executives, as well as managers and sales teams in different training formats (individual, group). I can state with certainty the positive contribution that Pilar makes to the development of people. More confidence, more impact and very good communication tools that add up when evaluating integral professionals willing to conquer new goals."

Myriam Vidalon

Global Head Diversity, Talent and Culture at Nielsen IQ

“I have worked with Pilar as an Executive Coach over the past year. Her ability to ask the right questions have inspired me to make bigger and bolder career decisions. From building my career strategy, to helping me craft my own personal narrative and supporting stories, her coaching has been amazing and effective. I highly recommend Pilar as an Executive Coach.”

Angeles Valenciano

Chief Executive Officer National and Global Diversity Council Author, Executive, Mother, Citizen of the World

"Pilar, has been an extraordinary partner to the National Diversity Council. Always ready to support and help with the execution of the Latino Leadership Conference that is now on its 5th year. She has also been a wonderful leader and contributor to the Mexico City Women in Leadership Symposium. Her professionalism, dedication, and commitment come naturally in everything she sets out to do. We are very grateful for all of the years we have been able to work together."

Angela L. Watson

Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales, Healthcare at UPS

“Pilar Ortiz, thank you for setting such a great example, you're an inspirational leader. Your message to the UPS Healthcare Business Women’s Association Ambassador group was very impactful, and “spot on”, in our continuous development of “up and coming” women leaders. Differentiating ourselves, through effective communication, is a rare skill that will help us rise to the top! Thanks so much for sharing your time, talent, and expertise with us!"