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Overcome your fear of the camera, make yourself visible in the virtual world and build your personal brand. Online course with accompaniment and VIP coaching. This course is currently available only in Spanish. There are individual coaching sessions available in English.

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For spanish speakers: this is a bilingual course designed to help those who wish to express themselves with confidence with whatever English level they have and use their accent to their advantage. Five-session cycles every two months. Perfect if you have a team that needs help polishing their English skills,
Also available in English up on request .
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Pierde el miedo a la cámara, hazte visible en el mundo virtual y construye tu marca personal. Curso online con acompañamiento y coaching VIP.

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Exprésate con confianza con el inglés que sabes y usa tu acento a tu favor. What are you waiting for? Your time is now. If you want to improve your skills nobody is going to do it for you. Ciclos de cinco sesiones.

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Aprende herramientas, pon en práctica técnicas y trabaja tu estilo de comunicación personal. Sesión semanal virtual con participantes de diferentes países.

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Learn tools, practice techniques and work on your personal communication style. This is a weekly virtual session with participants from different countries. Available only in Spanish. In EnglishThink Up Mastermind. If you need to create a Mastermind for your team, we can create weekly programs depending on your needs.

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Personalized coaching including integral tools of conscious leadership based on my three pillars.

Camino al éxito (Esp) (Amazon, 2013) 
Reinventing Yourself (Eng)
 (Amazon, 2013)
El genio de la botella (Esp) (Editorial Planeta, 2019)
Genius in the Bottle (Eng) (UPCOMING 2021)

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The Speak Easy System is a proven system that I developed for my clients and students to learn the tools, keys and practical exercises for effective communication. Implement communication techniques for your personal and professional life. Do you know what sets outstanding leaders apart from others?

  • Their communication skills.
  • Their ability to persuade.
  • Their confidence in influencing.

My mission is for you to become a confident leader, with projection and capable of taking action. We do this through consulting, seminars or workshops, as well as online courses, virtual masterminds and personalized high-level coaching programs.

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+ Keynote speaking
+ Conferencias
+ Talleres

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Coaching personalizado con herramientas integrales de liderazgo consciente. Nuestros programas VIP duran entre tres y seis meses (desde U$3,000). Se trabajan los tres pilares según la necesidad.

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Conoce mis libros: Reinventing Yourself (Amazon, 2013), Camino al Éxito (en español) y El genio de la botella (Editorial Planeta, 2019).

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The Speak Easy System es un sistema comprobado que desarrollé para que mis clientes y alumnos aprendan las herramientas, las claves y los ejercicios prácticos para una comunicación efectiva. Implementa técnicas de comunicación para tu vida personal y profesional. ¿Sabes qué diferencia a los líderes sobresalientes de los demás? 

  • Sus habilidades de comunicación
  • Su capacidad de persuadir
  • Su confianza al influenciar.

Mi visión es que te conviertas en un líder seguro, con proyección y capaz de tomar acción. Lo hacemos por medio de asesorías, seminarios o talleres, como también a cursos onlinemasterminds virtuales y programas personalizados de coaching de alto nivel.