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Genius in the bottle

Genius in the Bottle, as a conference and book, has reached more than 50 countries, thanks to corporate initiatives, such as book clubs, talks with the author, and transformation processes with entire teams.

Bring the book to your company and unleash the genius in your employees. 

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Virtual conference about Genius in the bottle at Toyota's Baja California plant, Mexico
Charla virtual sobre El genio de  botella en la planta de Baja California de Toyota, México

El Genio de la Botella

El genio de la botella, como conferencia y libro, ha llegado a más de 50 países gracias a diversas iniciativas corporativas, como clubes de lectura, charlas con el autor y procesos de transformación con equipos enteros. 

Lleva al genio a tu empresa y desata la genialidad que hay en tus empleados. 

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Take the genius to your company

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Corporate initiatives

  • One book per employee: Order books in bulk and get a special discount
  • Lunch & learn with your team
  • Chat with the author
  • Book club
  • Corporate trainings
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