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If your confidence is shaken, if growing as a leader is your priority or if projecting a successful yet authentic image is what you dream of; my 3 pillars will transform the way you connect and communicate with yourself,
with your circle of impact and with the world.

Motivational Speaker and Integral Coach

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POE Communications is a company dedicated to promoting conscious leadership, effective communication and opportunity in two culturally different markets. Find solutions immediately.

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Dare to overcome
your own fears

I am Pilar Ortiz, speaker and author of the bestseller Reinventing Yourself (Camino al éxito, Amazon 2013) and El genio de la botella (Editorial Planeta, 2019). I am dedicated to the integral transformation of those who say "I'm afraid", "I don't know what the first step is", "I need tools".

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Angela L. Watson
Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales, Healthcare at UPS

“Pilar Ortiz,  you're an inspirational leader. Your message to the UPS Healthcare Business Women’s Association Ambassador group was very impactful, and “spot on”, in our continuous development of “up and coming” women leaders. Differentiating ourselves, through effective communication, is a rare skill that will help us rise to the top! Thanks so much for sharing your time, talent, and expertise with us!"

Three flexible pillars

Working with these three pillars is essential to achieve your goals. I like to relate them to the bamboo: they are strong and have a solid and deep foundations, but at the same time they are flexible and open to movement and change.
Trust the process.

Internal Pillar: refers to your own mentality. In this pillar we find our beliefs, the use of words, your thoughts and fears. It is the attitude and energy you cultivate in yourself to change your reality.

External Pillar: refers to the projection of what we already have inside. It is a practical pillar that allows us to recognize how others see us through our body language, our voice, the structure of the message and the confidence to speak in front of others.

Virtual Pillar: feeling comfortable on different online platforms is of vital importance for your personal brand. It refers to the impact of audiovisual technologies: we talk about making videos, leading global teams, presentations, among others. 

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The Internal Pillar refers to our own mindset. In this pillar we find our beliefs, the use of words, our thoughts and fears. It is the attitude and energy we cultivate in ourselves to change our reality.

The External Pillar refers to the projection of what we already have inside. It is a practical pillar that allows us to recognize how others see us through our body language, our voice, the structure of the message and the confidence to speak in front of others.

The Virtual Pillar is about feeling comfortable on different online platforms, as they are of vital importance for your personal brand. It refers to the impact of audiovisual technologies: we talk about making videos, leading global teams, presentations, among others. 

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25 years of broadcasting experience

CNN Interview
News Anchor - Univision, Tampa
Interview with former President Barack Obama

I am passionate about the human mind, communications, conscious intuitive work, managing emotions and TV cameras.

I am a natural and practical coach, I believe in intuition and science, I value self-confidence and flexibility in the process.

I prepare myself every day to give the best of myself to my clients and students. I am motivated by obtaining and witnessing results for the individual as well as corporate achievements.

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Genius in the Bottle

My purpose is to work with the genius inside of you. In my book Genius in the Bottle I demonstrate how we are all, metaphorically speaking, trapped inside a bottle at a given moment that prevents us from seeing clearly and projecting our full potential.

The important thing is to recognize that bottle, take action and break it or get out of it at any cost.

Myriam Vidalon

Global Head Diversity, Talent and Culture at Nielsen IQ

“I have worked with Pilar as an Executive Coach over the past year. Her ability to ask the right questions have inspired me to make bigger and bolder career decisions. From building my career strategy, to helping me craft my own personal narrative and supporting stories, her coaching has been amazing and effective. I highly recommend Pilar as an Executive Coach.

“The bottle refers to that something that surrounds us, people, facts, circumstances. That something that traps us, like a job or a fear. Something that protects us so much that it doesn't let us fly. Something that does not allow us to reach other worlds and other levels.  - Pilar Ortiz - Genius in the Bottle

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Genius in the Bottle will be available for purchase in 2021. You can buy the Spanish version, El genio de la botella, in most popular bookstores in Colombia and Ecuador.

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Are you looking for something specific or are you still not clear? You're in a corporate job and you know that your next opportunity depends on promoting yourself.  Or you're preparing for an important interview. You've been invited to make a presentation. Maybe you want to connect better with your clients. What's on your mind?

"If you succeed in identifying who you are (and what you do), communicating it with certainty and authority and being effective in inspiring, selling or closing a deal, you will have already won."

There are many people who can benefit from what you can do, what are you waiting for?


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Manuel Teodoro

Director of the TV program Séptimo Día - Caracol Colombia

Mercedes Young

CEO of Vivid Consulting Group

Mike Weber

Owner of CMR Studios 

Manuel Teodoro

Director of the TV program Séptimo Día - Caracol Colombia

Mercedes Young

CEO - Vivid Consulting Group

Mike Weber

Owner of CMR Studios